Is your telephone ringing?

Is your telephone ringing?

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telephone call marketWe have been using our Proximity Marketing strategy to market our real estate investing business  for the last few months.  Here is a quick summary of our results so far…

Marketing Outreach:

Approximately, 3,000 persons/month are getting our business marketing message delivered direct to their cell phone.  We can target the message to the desired audience such as  private/hard money lenders, motivated sellers, contractors, or buyers (well, someone has to buy those rehabbed homes, right?).  High traffic areas (that is places with lots of people with cell phones) can have 500+ message exposures/day.

Cost Savings:

The cost to reach 3,000 people with proximity marketing is less than $1/day (so about $30/month).  If we tried to duplicate this level of outreach with direct mail, our cost would be about $2,250/month (think ~$0.75/letter or postcard).

Time Savings:

It takes about 1 hour/week to monitor the effectiveness of the messages and make adjustments to the message.  We also move them to high traffic areas (for example, is there a food truck event happening this week?) to maximize the number of cell phones that will see the message.  No time spent on deploying and retrieving bandit signs – that’s an additional time savings each week.

More Information:

We are very pleased with the outreach, cost savings, and time savings associated with this marketing strategy.  If you would like to hear more about this marketing strategy, give us a call at 805-765-1858, go to or @check out the Facebook page @wirelessads.

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